final moments of the journey..

Charities and Sponsors

Funds raised by the crew were split evenly between two groups.

The Canadian Cancer Society has been involved in the fight against cancer since 1938. This organization tackles the eradication of cancer, and provides support to those who are living with the disease. The crew felt that this was an important organization to support.

Rethink Breast Cancer was formed in 2001, and thinks differently about how to beat breast cancer, hence, their name.

Each organization has an extensive amount of information available online. Please take a few moments to visit each.

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal system is located in the eastern portion of the province of Ontario. The canal connects the cities of Kingston, on Lake Ontario, and the city of Ottawa. The canal has a running distance of 202 kilometres.

In June of 2007, The Rideau Canal was designated a United Nations World Heritage site.

Why not take a few moments, and learn more about this historic feature of Canada !!