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Dragon Boating in Stratford

Since the introduction of Dragon Boating to the city of Stratford in September 1996, the sport has grown to become an integral part of the summer atmosphere in the city. Visitors to our city from around the world, who have arrived to enjoy our famous Stratford Festival Theatre, are often entranced by the vision of a dragon boat gliding along the river.

With the enthusiasm of the local paddlers, the city has become a hot spot for the sport within the province of Ontrio. The local river has become "home" to several crews that race at festivals across the province of Ontario.

City crews and paddlers have also participated at festivals in Montreal, Vancouver, Philadelphia as well as IDBF events around the world. The Ready! Ready! event was another great example of the love for Dragon Boating within the city and all those who participate in the sport.

The Ready! Ready! crew was made up of many paddlers who had participated with community teams from our local festival at one time or another. Regardless of where we have paddled, we are proud of our local crews and the Dragon Boating events within our local area...

Dragon Boating and Breast Cancer

Around the world, the sport of Dragon Boating has strong ties with Breast Cancer survivors.
Countless Breast Cancer teams are in existence today. The crews are comprised of people from all walks of life, survivors and family members, who paddle together for the comraderie, the thrill of being on the water, and the celebration of life.
At any Dragon Boat festival held in North America, it is not unusual to find one or more crews competing.

If you're a survivor, or know a survivor, we encourage you to explore the possibility of contacting your local crew.

If you're an experienced paddler, consider the gift of helping out by coaching or steering...

If you require further information on paddling and breast cancer, consider the following link as a starting point....

- Canadians Abreast Crew Links

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal system is located in the eastern portion of the province of Ontario. The canal connects the cities of Kingston, on Lake Ontario, and the city of Ottawa. The canal has a running distance of 202 kilometres.

In June of 2007, The Rideau Canal was designated a United Nations World Heritage site.

Why not take a few moments, and learn more about this historic feature of Canada !!