final moments of the journey..


In the days following the completion of our amazing journey, the crew remained close, with emails flying back and forth on a regular basis. Having spent so much time together, we had all become family.

Among the many notes and stories that circulated, were comments on memories of the experience. With a group of close to 40 individuals, it was incredible to recognize the individual perspectives that each crew member had in sharing this common experience.

From all the many comments, the following provide but a small glimpse into the moments that had an impact on the crew....

... During our stop at Jones Falls, the gentleman who shared with the crew the fact that he too was a breast cancer survivor...

... At Jones Falls, we enjoyed a wonderful meal the the "Hotel Kenny". The crew was humbled by the waitress who donated her tips back to the crew, because her mom's best friend had recently died of cancer...

... During an evening's rest at one of the locks, a fellow boater swam across the glassy still water of the canal to the dragonboat and handed a crew member a zip lock baggy with a generous donation....

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal system is located in the eastern portion of the province of Ontario. The canal connects the cities of Kingston, on Lake Ontario, and the city of Ottawa. The canal has a running distance of 202 kilometres.

In June of 2007, The Rideau Canal was designated a United Nations World Heritage site.

Why not take a few moments, and learn more about this historic feature of Canada !!

"Ordinary people... an extraordinary achievement!"

Crew Photo

After a year of planning, and two weeks on the water, the crew gathers for a "finish line" photo at the National Arts Center"