final moments of the journey..

Our Challenge

This unique paddling event was accomplished by a group of people who can best be described as energetic, adventurous and caring. Based out of Stratford, Ontario, Canada, the group had challenged themselves with a physically demanding and unique journey that had never before been attempted in a dragon boat. The crew was determined to paddle a 40-foot dragon boat along the entire length of the Rideau Canal waterways in support of breast cancer research.

The innovative campaign was aptly named Ready! Ready! for a Cure. The expression Ready! Ready! is the call made to alert crew members of a dragon boat team seconds before the start of a race. With paddles digging deep in the water, the team had challenged itself to complete this "race" and raise funds to help find a cure for breast cancer!

Financially, the ultimate goal was to achieve $100,000 in sponsorship. Each team member was challenged to collect $2,000 in supporting pledges. The proceeds from these activities were donated evenly between the Canadian Cancer Society and ReThink Breast Cancer.

Along with fund raising, crew members worked hard for close to a year to garner the financial support and endorsement of local, provincial and national businesses and government representatives. Each member of the crew participated in organization groups focused on accommodations, meals, route, support vehicles, safety, etcerta.

While many members of the crew had previously paddled with other crews, some team members had never really seen a dragon boat before joining the group. Along with all their organizational tasks, the crew helped each other improve their paddling skills.

After all this activity, the dragonboat and land crew set out from Kingston, Ontario on July 14, 2002. Averaging about 17 km each day, the crew arrived at Ottawa on schedule, on the morning of July 26. The crew's final stop was just below the National Art Centre. In the last few kilometres of their journey, the Ready Ready crew were proud to be joined by members of the Busting Out crew of Ottawa.

Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal system is located in the eastern portion of the province of Ontario. The canal connects the cities of Kingston, on Lake Ontario, and the city of Ottawa. The canal has a running distance of 202 kilometres.

In June of 2007, The Rideau Canal was designated a United Nations World Heritage site.

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