final moments of the journey..

Route Details

The organized movement of the large group of paddlers along the canal over a two week period was an an amazing experience on many levels.

After a ceremony held near the Pump House Steam Museum on the afternoon of July 14, the crew embarked on their journey. Their departure from the shorleine marked the successful conclusion to a incredibly busy year of planning.

Each evening the crew camped at the locations noted in the itinerary shown below. These points had been carefully selected to ensure that the paddlers would be able to maintain their energy over the duration of the trip. The distances between locks was carefully reviewed prior to the start of the journey to determine this schedule. The support of the Canada Park's Service, Waterways Campground and the city of Smith Falls was greatly appreciated!

Each morning of the journey, all camping gear was packed after breakfast, and the boat set off for that evenings destination. Members of the crew took turns as 'road' crew, completing the final cleanup of the site, and then transporting all camping gear and food on to the next location. On arrival, the setup of the meal tent was completed, and the crew's personal luggage was set out in preparation for their arrival. Crew members were still responsible for setting up their own tents at the end of each day!

Dinners and lunches for the crew were often provided by the generous groups and towns along the route. Rarely was there a need for the crew to prepare their own meals. The people who live along the Rideau are truly kind and charitable.

The one condition that we could not control nor predict was the weather. Happily, each day was terrific, without any issues related to inclement weather.

The last morning of our journey was a short paddle through Ottawa from the edge of the city to the National Arts Centre which is located near the parliament buildings. The Rideau Canoe Club kindly allowed the Ready Ready crew to borrow a second dragonboat, allowing everyone to paddle the last few kilometres as a single group. Our crew was joined by members of the Busting Out dragonboat crew. The arrival of the crew marked the end of the journey, and a chance for crew members to reconnect with family and friends. Ceremonies to celebrate the end of the trip included presentations by members of parliament, and special guest Pam Gerrand, of Stratford, Ontario.


Date Destination
July 14, 2002 Kingston Mills Locks
July 15, 2002 Upper Brewers Lock
July 16, 2002 Jones Falls Locks
July 17, 2002 Newboro
July 18, 2002 Waterways Campground
July 19, 2002 Beveridge Locks
July 20, 2002 Smith Falls Victoria Park Campground
July 21, 2002 Merrickville
July 22, 2002 Burritts Rapids Lock
July 23, 2002 Rideau River Provincial Park
July 24, 2002 Long Island Lock
July 25, 2002 Hartwells Lock
July 26, 2002 National Arts Centre


Rideau Canal

The Rideau Canal system is located in the eastern portion of the province of Ontario. The canal connects the cities of Kingston, on Lake Ontario, and the city of Ottawa. The canal has a running distance of 202 kilometres.

In June of 2007, The Rideau Canal was designated a United Nations World Heritage site.

Why not take a few moments, and learn more about this historic feature of Canada !!